A guilt-free guide to looking and feeling great

Pillow's favourite sustainable grooming brands

Words: Calum Donoghue

Organic Broccoli + Rose Geranium Hair Conditioner by Wild Sage

Changing our everyday habits is key to sustaining a more eco-focused way of life – so here are five sustainable grooming products to add to your daily routine.

Aromatherapy Blend - Night Time by Neal’s Yard Remedies We all know that feeling great starts with a restful night’s sleep. Cue Neal’s Yard Remedies with this comforting blend of relaxing lavender, grounding vetiver and balancing rose to get your mind and body into optimal sleep mode. For peace, tranquility and comfort, there are few products which can help quiet a busy mind better. Aromatherapy Blend Night Time, £15.50, Neal’s Yard Remedies

Organic Broccoli + Rose Geranium Hair Conditioner by Wild Sage Family-run business Wild Sage is nestled in the valleys of the River Wye. Cold-processed soaps, skin-loving balms and all-natural skincare products are all created from a countryside cottage using homegrown herbs. Our favourite is their plastic-free conditioner with its biodegradable label and made with Lavender + Rose Geranium to boost the conditioner’s anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. It helps to soothe a dry scalp and leaves your hair smelling naturally fresh. Organic Broccoli Oil is being heralded as a miracle oil, packed full of vitamins promoting healthy, strong hair.

Organic Broccoli + Rose Geranium Hair Conditioner, £20, Wild Sage

Hydra-Repair Day Cream by Grown Alchemist​

Hydra-Repair Day Cream by Grown Alchemist​ Through the understanding of cellular renewal and nutrient metabolization, Grown Alchemist formulates products which represent a new evolution in skincare. By innovating and adopting a holistic approach to science, they have developed a line which also respects our environment – as well as providing improved skin health. Our favourite? A nourishing, velvety facial moisturiser that noticeably improves skin hydration levels, without leaving residual oil or shine on the skin. The result is skin which is smooth and soothed. Hydra-Repair Day Cream, £43, Grown Alchemist

Exfoliating Vegan Seaweed Block by Haeckels This low-foaming, vegan-friendly seaweed soap is free of synthetic fragrances and lightly buffs the skin using botanical particles. It hydrates and moisturises leaving the entire body feeling smooth, clean and refreshed. A vegetable-based, vegan formula of raw, crushed coriander seeds and pepper corns scrubs away dirt and smoothes rough patches all over the body – whilst seaweed, aloe vera and tea tree actively hydrate and repair the skin, making this product ideal for daily use and suitable for all skin types. Exfoliating Vegan Seaweed Block, £18, Haeckels

The Naked Shave Kit by Naked Necessities​ It is reported that over two billion plastic razors are thrown away each year, so eco-focused razor blade maker Naked Necessities is working hard to eliminate plastic from the supply chain entirely. Manufacturers have been thoroughly investigated to ensure that they meet the brand's high ethical and environmental standards, and all products are vegan friendly. The Naked Shave Kit comes with paraben, palm oil and cruelty-free soap, packed full of essential oils and goodies for your skin – as well as five spare platinum double-edge blades which fit snugly in your razor for the ultimate close shave. The Naked Shave Kit, £27.99, Naked Necessities