The world’s best surfing destinations

From Cornwall to California, Pillow selects the top six destinations to pick up your surfboard

Words: Calum Donoghue

California surfer

Pillow narrows down the best the world has to offer for those who love to surf. Grab your board and wetsuit and get ready for the best waves and incredible beaches.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The best time of year to go on a surfing expedition is in the winter. During this time of year the winds are at their strongest and the waves are at their wildest. There are several beaches in Rio de Janeiro that are popular with surfers. Copacabana and Arpoador beaches are the closest to downtown Rio.

Mexico There is an endless list of options to surf in Mexico, with 5,797 miles of coastline and sandy shores it’s the perfect destination for surfing enthusiasts. The best surf is on the Pacific coastline, in particular our favourite is Ensenada, a port city on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.

Maldives We need no excuse to take a holiday to the Maldives, and the crystal clear waters make for the most beautiful surfing. The best time for surfing in the Maldives is their winter, from March to October, when storms bring the biggest swells and are at their highest in June, July and August.

California, USA Probably the most famous for riding the waves, Northern California has impressive waves in particular at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay.

Rottnest, Australia Rottnest Island has some of the best surfing conditions and most consistent breaks in Western Australia. Strickland Bay, Salmon Bay and Stark Bay are particularly popular breaks for surfers, bodyboarders and stand-up paddle boarders.

Cornwall, UK Thanks to the strong weather and beaches attached to the Atlantic Ocean, Cornwall is a magnet for swell. The milder climate and coastline make Cornwall the UK’s best, and is home to many of Europe’s biggest pro-surf competitions.

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