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interviewed by Calum Donoghue, 6 June 2015

YouTube star, prolific blogger, fitness guru and all round-nice guy... it is hard to pick out a flaw in Barrett Pall. The New York based force to be reckoned with has his fingers firmly placed in many pies, so instead of beating him we joined him for a catch up...


What do you enjoy most about creating your blog, Artisan & King?


It has been an amazing, life changing experience. When I first started out to create Artisan & King (A&K), I had no idea that it could ever turn into a profession. It was originally a fun project that one of my best friends from college and I wanted to create, so that we would have something that connected us while living on different coasts.


A&K, along with all my social media platforms, have opened so many doors for me, and allowed me to grow in every way. However, what I find the most amazing is how people from all over the world are reading and watching what I have to say, are feeling impacted, and changing their lives for the better as well.


What made you start vlogging on Youtube? And what was your first video?


I had wanted to vlog for a long long long time, but was afraid of what people’s response to me would be. I had been bullied my entire childhood, and even kind of through college, so the idea of being vulnerable to basically the world was scary. But I have always wanted to inspire others, any way I can, to live their life authentically, without fear, so I finally said 'it’s time to face your own fears and just do it.'


My first video was basically just my introduction to YouTube. I explained who I was, what I hoped to do through my channel, and how I was nervous, but excited for the new adventure.


YouTube has been another amazing life experience, and I am so glad I got over my fears and started vlogging.


How do you describe your personal style? What designers do you love to wear?


My personal style is very casual. I am totally a jeans and t-shirts kind of dude. My entire life people have thought I was from California because I think I naturally have a beachy vibe. I grew up on Long Island, New York, very close to the beach.


I would call my personal style beachy, urban rockabilly. It’s a mix of beach causal, city cool and 1950’s Greaser/Rocker vibe.


At what time of the day are you most happy?


I love Golden Hour, but who doesn’t? I am a romantic, and there is nothing more romantic than looking at the world, sky, building, people, etc than when there is a slight gold tint on everything.


How often do you work out? What is a typical week? 


I have to laugh here because I workout a lot! On any given day I could be working out 1 to 3 times a day. Part of my career is fitness, and I personally train Celebrities and high profile clients, during which I workout with them.


A typical week is crazy. No day is ever the same in my life. I Life Coach, Personal Train, Model, am a Master Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp in Chelsea NYC, have photo shoots for the blog, contribute to Huffington Post’s Blog, and try to have a social life on top of it all. It truly is a wild life, but I feel so blessed each day that this is my life.


And what keeps you motivated?


To be honest, what keeps me motivated is that I have no other option but to succeed. I don’t have a family that I can fall back on financially. I have dealt with real issues since I was very young, and I recognized that if I was going to live the life I wanted I would have to stay positive, work like a dog, and preserve through a lot of hard times.


I also have amazing mentors, who inspire me. Knowing that I am actually inspiring others is a huge motivator as well. It is such an amazing experience to receive an email from a complete stranger saying that you affected their life in such a powerful way. I could not be more honored.


You met Pietro Boselli (the model math teacher) on a recent photoshoot and have become good friends, he even took part in one of your Youtube videos. Do you prefer shoots with other models or individually?


Pietro is seriously one of the best people I have met in a long time. I’ve worked with many models before, but I rarely connect with someone on set the way we connected. It was refreshing to meet another model, who has a college education, doesn’t look at modeling so seriously, and has much bigger dreams than being a pretty face. He deserves all the success he has been getting.


I think that shoots with more people are always more fun. It creates a great atmosphere and energy, but it has to be the right people. I’ve been on jobs with models who were awful, and I’ve been on set with models who were amazing.


Where must QH readers visit when travelling in the States?


I am an outdoors freak, so I have to say any of our national parks. I had a life changing experience at Big Sur in California. It was just so magical and beautiful. Obviously, New York City, in my opinion, it truly is the most amazing city in the world - and I’ve traveled a bit.


Where in the world is the number one place you would recommend visiting?


I am super biased, as I live here, but I would have to say NYC. There is nowhere in the world like New York. It’s electric, and the diversity is unparalleled. You truly have people from every walk of life, and you never know who is going to be just around the next corner. They call it the city that never sleeps for a reason, and possibility is endless here.


What is the best and worst points about modelling?


The best thing about modeling is the travel. I’ve gotten to go to some pretty cool places for work, and met some really cool people. The worst thing about modeling is that for as much work as you do, you are never compensated as well as you should be, unless you are one of the top models. Modeling, in general, looks way more glamorous from the outside, so when someone tells me they want to get into it, I always say do something else, and model on the side.




Instagram: @BarrettPall


Twitter: @BarrettPall


YouTube: Barrett Pall



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