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interviewed by Calum Donoghue, 25 April 2015


Chef Emmanuel Eger

Frankfurt native and former Sous Chef at The Grill at The Dorchester, Emmanuel Eger uses simple techniques to create bold yet balanced flavours. QH caught up with the Head Chef of The Magazine restaurant in Hyde Park...
You come from a family of food lovers, is that where you got your skill for gastronomy? 

You have that nostalgic flavour memory of a lot of things when you think of childhood food. I am sure that played a big role in my decision to become a cook.


You were born in Frankfurt, where would you recommend QH readers visiting? 


To be honest I don't eat in one restaurant frequently, my curiosity gets the better of me and I like to explore different restaurants. But one of my favourite places I always visit when in Frankfurt is Restaurant Die Leiter where I crafted my first steps into professional cooking during my apprenticeship.


You take inspiration from across Europe, what areas inspire you the most and how does this impact your dishes?


We are a colourful bunch of chefs from all over the world in the kitchen and everyone has their own culinary experience and ideas which we try to implement into our dishes so that everyone, especially the guests, can benefit from.


When travelling where are your favourite places to stay? 


As I don't take days off there is not much time for travel or seriously I really enjoy travelling to Spain and visiting small hotels with charm and character along the coasts.


What are your favourite ingredients to use at the minute?


It changes all the time. I think vegetables in general offer endless possibilities. Seasons pass with enough frequency so one is never bored.


The design of the restaurant is contemporary and very distinctive, is this reflective within your dishes?


Our cooking is market based and we do work hard to present an experience that is unique to our location in the Park.


You worked under Executive Chef Henry Brosi at one of the worlds best hotels, The Dorchester, how did this experience change your cooking? 


The Dorchester was a fantastic place to work for and that is why I stayed so long. Mr Brosi was leading his brigade of chefs with inspirational expertise and I really enjoyed my time there.


Do you have a signature dish?


I don't really believe in signature dishes as our style of cooking is constantly evolving and the guest should decide what's best.




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