Interviewed by Calum Donoghue, 31 March 2016


Christian Bendek, Blogger

Life certainly is sweet in the Caribbean. No one knows that as well as Aruba native and Instagram star, Christian Bendek, a.k.a the Caribbean King. QH chats flamingos and beach life with the blogger and swimwear enthusiast...

Where do you call home?

Home is a fluid concept right now in my life, but at the moment, Aruba is my home and I am very happy here.


How do you stay in shape? 

I'm definitely not in best shape, I just try to look good in my swimwear, I have a normal body. It helps that I'm 6'3"... But I do go to the gym 4 times a week for an hour, I try to do cardio but that bores me so much so I often focus on weights. I have a personal trainer who keeps me busy otherwise I just sit and stay on the phone for ten minutes before moving to the next exercise. I eat as healthy as possible, I do cook all my meals during the week and stay away from sugar. I try to be as good as possible from Monday to Friday because at the weekends I like to drink cocktails, have my treats and have more than one cheat meal... it is a balance I guess.


How do you describe your personal style?

Casual, colourful and clean. Causal because island life is hot, you need to be comfortable and look at ease in this warm weather. I love colour, I like patterns, I like having something that stands out, even if it is just a small accessory. And my clean looks are basically around the end of the month whatever is clean that's what I'm wearing.


When did you start blogging?

It's been an on and off thing for the past five years, but I started taking it seriously two years ago. I started blogging about music and then things I liked and then clothes and places I visited. My Instagram pushed me to do it, I felt the need to give more detail on what I'm wearing or advertise products I like and wear - my blogging complements my Instagram. That's why I started, I do my best, I try to be as casual and keep my blogging very simple, like a conversation with a friend. 


What tips do you have for taking a good photo on Instagram?

As a man you have to fix your hair, that's the key for me. Sunglasses also help, knowing your good angles is

important, I have mine and I try to get my picture taken with poses I know are flattering... and lately I like to get my photo taken and not do selfies so much, that's for snapchat. 


You love blogging about swimwear, what is the most recent pair of trunks you wore? 

Too many to be honest, I'm wearing a pair by Boardies called "Living The Dream" they're so cool. But I am very excited about a snap short I did with Orlebar Brown, you have to see it, it is called " The flamingo Eye"and I will be wearing it this summer EVERYDAY. 


Where do you like to travel?

On vacation? Cold places, big cities, I love London, can't wait to be back. I enjoy Mexico City, I love the food there... I want to visit St Barth again and I will soon. Going to NYC in May for a sports event. I haven't been there in ages. I'm very excited.


What is your guilty pleasure?

Watching my favorite movies on Netflix, I have like 10 movies I watch over and over and over, old shows I prefer to watch instead of new ones like The Nanny or Friends, even Desperate Housewives... in the food section: fried chicken and white bread. 


Where must QH readers visit when in the Caribbean?

Aruba, they need to sunbath with flamingos at the Renaissance Island, St. Barth, and Margarita Island, I was born there.


What have been the best beaches to relax?

Baby Beach in Aruba, Grande Saline in St Barth, Orient beach in St Maarten.



Instagram: christianbendek

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