Interviewed by Calum Donoghue, 22 August 2016


Patrick B, Pilot

On our hunt to find and question the world's most well travelled men, we hop aboard a private jet with Berlin and Barcelona based pilot,
Patrick B...

Where do you call home?

Right now in Barcelona! I grew up close to Frankfurt. For my first pilot job I moved to Berlin six years ago.


What was your first flight?

My first commercial jet flight was from Berlin to Zürich in 2010.


What do you love about the job?

Flying is my great passion. To be above the clouds is freedom and the most relaxing part of my job. Additionally the traveling. It is great to be in a different city every night and discovering new places.


Most memorable flight?

My first flight into Samedan airport in Switzerland, which is situated in the Engadin Valley surrounded by high mountains near St. Moritz. The scenery during the visual approach in winter is amazing.


What do you pack when you fly?

Clothes and food! Besides my uniform items I pack private clothing for sight seeing, dinner and  sports. No matter what time of the year I take my swim shorts.


Additionally I pack healthy food for my journeys to try and avoid junk food at airports and on the flight.


For good music in the hotel room I always take a sound bar.


Where have been your favorite places to travel?

In Europe, Barcelona. That is why I moved there in August. Lisboa is also a great city to visit. Affordable prices and a really good vibe. I also fell in love with South Africa during my vacation there last January.

What tips can you give for the best way to pack your suitcase before a trip?

Do not pack to much stuff because you never know if you find something nice you want to buy and take home!


Do you have a favorite hotel?
In every city I fly to I have a favorite hotel. I recommend the Kempinski Taschenberg Palais in Dresden, Germany, during winter, which has the best breakfast. For a cool design and rooftop I love the Renaissance Fira in Barcelona.


How can QH readers stay stylish whilst traveling?

Choose your clothing wisely when packing. I always take a lot of basics which give you a good variety of combinations. To style my outfit I also pack a lot of accessories like bracelets and necklesses. They are not heavy and they do not take up a lot of space.


Do you have a favorite Airport Lounge?

Lufthansa Business Lounge in Heathrow

Where should QH readers visit when they are in your home town?

Berlin: Tempelhof airport. It is a stunning building. You can have a walk on the runway. Also Daluma clean eating café and Parker Bowles for dinner.

Barcelona: Have a walk during sunset at Barceloneta Beach. Visit Tibidabo for the best view over the city. For food: Flaks&Kale and Barraca.


Instagram: @pilotpatric
Snapchat: pilot_patrick

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