Interviewed by Calum Donoghue, 18 February 2016


Sergio Carvajal, Model & Photographer

This Spanish native has been modelling since the tender age of four and is now using his talents behind the camera. QH had a quick chat to Sergio Carvajal...

Where do you call home?

I live in a small town near Barcelona. My place is on the beach. I love my country, Spain, and where I live because - apart from its beauty - there amazing weather most of the year.


How long have you been modelling and how did you start?

I have been modelling since four and I was discovered by a talent scout while walking in Plaza de Cataluna, Barcelona. Over time I have added social media management to my modelling career because I believe that this is now one of the most important ways of communication. It's just a matter of click...


Can you tell us more about some recent campaigns you have worked on?

I have worked for many brands which are not just in the fashion sector. My latest jobs were the Coca Cola commercial 2015 for which I was a life guard, the Reebok campaign and many others that you can find on my website (link below).


Run us through your typical work out for a week...

I train from Monday to Friday. I don't go to the gym, I don't lift weights but I do a natural training (calisthenics) workout, which permits me to have an athletic body and not too big.


Where would you recommend QH readers visiting when in your home city?

Spain is a very vast country and it's not easy to suggest a specific thing. You have beautiful beaches and islands, amazing hills and mountains, nice historic places and museums to visit, traditional and tasty food, nice bars, restaurants and clubs and moreover the people are welcoming and positive.


You are also a photographer, do you think being a model helps you direct other people?

Yes, my big passion is photography. For sure being a model helps me a lot to direct people because of the time I have spent in front of a camera myself. To be a good  photographer not only do you have to get good equipment but moreover you have to find an inspiration which makes a picture come alive.


What is your favourite guilty pleasure?



Where in the world do you like to travel?

London, California and Miami.


Where will you be travelling next?

My next trip will be to Mexico and of course I would like to visit London soon.


Instagram @sergiocarvajal7



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